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Let Maxi Cab Solve All Your Group Commuting Needs

As the saying goes, “there is always safety in numbers”. It is also true when you travel from one place to another in a group. However, with safety in a group, there is also a common challenge that many people face when travelling in a mid-size group between five and seven people.

You will not be able to flag for a cab from the streets, as the maximum number of passengers sedan cabs can pick up is four. Thus, cab-on-demand in such instances is not an option. You will end up having to split up the group, just for commuting purpose. This spoils all the fun of travelling in a herd and is more costly.

To make mid-size group commuting a pleasure without the stress, all it takes is some pre-planning and knowing what other alternative commuting options you can enjoy, to fit everybody in comfortably.

With the Maxi Cab Service that we offer, you can be assured of a pleasurable and fuss-free experience whenever you need to commute in a group.

So, how can Maxi Cab improve commuting for you?

Stick Together, Commute Together

Each can seat 5 to 7 passengers comfortably with ample legroom and space for luggage. This is the perfect option when you are commuting in a mid-size group; such as a group of business executives or tourists travelling together, or a big family that needs to commute from one destination to another for specific occasions.

Instead of spending time cracking your head about how to split up the group to take normal transportation, you can now spend your energy on enjoying the ride and company of your friends and family in the group. There is also no need to worry that some people in the group might get lost in directions or time, when commuting separately.

Maxi Cab Transfer Singapore

Maxi cab is ideal for:

• Business executives
• Tourists travelling in a group
• Big families
• Many pieces of luggage or bulky luggage that cannot fit into a sedan cab
• Enjoying more legroom when commuting
• Commuting in comfort and luxury

More Cost-Effective Way of Commuting

Besides enjoying the group company with everyone in one cab or even some quiet downtime in a comfortable environment, it is also more cost-effective than commuting in separate cabs, especially after you take into account the toll charges (ERP) in prime areas and during peak hours. This can add up a significant amount, especially if you need to commute over a period of several days or weeks.

What’s more, you can also book your Maxi Cab in advance, if you already know when you need to commute. This way, we will secure your booking into our system to ensure your maxi cab arrives at your pick-up location, whenever you need.

Sometimes, a little pre-planning goes a long way and it is completely hassle-free. Now, you can really commute in style, and impress your family and friends for being so organized!

Need A Maxi Cab On-Demand? No Problem

Although we often encourage customers to make their bookings in advance to ensure your cab is secured for your required date, we also understand how sometimes, life can get unpredictable.

If you find yourself falling into an expected situation where you need to commute to a place in a group, let us help you take care of it. As convenient as it is to wait in line at the taxi stand, you can call our customer service hotline (+65 87499497 ) that is available 24/7, to make your booking. Unless all cabs have been completely booked up in advance, we will try our best to get you one, to make sure you get to where you need to be, safely and in a timely fashion.

Commute The Safe Way, Always

With our maxi cab service, you can always be certain of the high safety standard that you will experience in few different ways.

Firstly, the make of our maxi-cabs is Mercedes, a continental brand that has been well synonymous with durability and safety.

More importantly, all our chauffeurs are well trained in driving techniques that are targeted to provide a comfortable ride for all our passengers, as well as keeping your safety as our number one priority.

To make your Maxi Cab booking, call our 24/7 customer hotline at: +65 87499497 (or +65 8338-LIMO). You can also send in your enquiries via our contact form.