Limousine Services

Limousine Services That Takes Your Next Ride A Notch Up From Simple Comfort to Sheer Luxury

Our Limousine Service Gives You That Choice:

Life is all about choices and every decision we make shapes our experiences. This is also reflected in our choices of how we commute from one place to another.

Just like how you can get from one point to another in any vehicle, what then is the discerning factor for you to travel on the high road of luxury that is above standard comfort?

Simply put, Limousine Services is all about the entire experience that you will get, as a passenger. Sitting in a limousine will exude a level of comfort that spells sophisticated luxury. It is this feeling that passengers get that leaves a positive lasting impression, which is so important under different occasions – for either business or pleasure.


In some businesses, you may need to receive foreign visitors such as clients or partners with arranged transport to pick them from the airport to certain event venues or meetings.

This makes the perfect opportunity for you, as the host, to create a desirable impression for your guests so that they will feel comfortable in dealing with you and your business. It may be a small gesture, but placing comfort of your guests as a priority is a sign of respect and how much you value their presence. And it can be as simple as offering them the luxury of a limousine service.

We also provide limousine services for VIPs/delegates for large-scale events and conferences.


Another good reason for this luxurious choice is to celebrate the joy of different occasions that hold special meaning to us, as part of the whole experience we get to keep.

These special occasions include:

  • Weddings/ anniversary
  • Graduation and prom night
  • Marriage proposal
  • Birthday bash
  • Hens night/stag party

With sophisticated elegance and class in every limousine services we provide, you will feel pampered and extra special that adds more sparkle into your celebrations.

Most importantly, it is a safe option of commuting in style, especially if you will be drinking alcohol at your event or party. With a designated chauffeur, you can party to your hearts’ content.

Variety of Limousine Services For Your Selection

You have the freedom to choose from two types of limousine services that we offer:

1. Limousine Cab

If you are one of those who prefer to cab around than drive, you will love our Mercedes E Class limousine cab. Once you have tried it, you probably would be a permanent convert to limousine cabs whenever you need to get somewhere!

2. Private Limousine
If you or your guest passengers prefer more privacy or are looking to commute in high-end, red carpet style, you will appreciate the private limousine services that we have for you.

    • Merz E Class Limousine ServicesMercedes E Class – Always a top choice for the younger and savvier passengers



    • Merz S Class Limousine ServicesMercedes S Class – An evergreen choice for passengers seeking a sense of steadfast comfort on the go



    •  Toyota Alphard Limousine ServicesToyota Alphard–Perfect choice for group/delegate/family commuting



Besides the experience of riding in a style, there are also several benefits that you and your passengers will appreciate about our limousine services.

Spacious With Ample Legroom

Designed with elegant and up-kept interiors for optimal comfort, each limousine also provides ample legroom that allows you to fully stretch and rest your feet while commuting.

Convenient and Hassle-Free

With the spacious seating and the capacity of the MPV to accommodate up to seven passengers in one vehicle, commuting around just does not get any easier than this.

You will also have a designated chauffeur that is experienced in the best routes to get to your destination; so you can be free of keeping your eyes on the roads. It is good downtime for rest and relax before your event, or simply just taking in the outside scenery.

Safety First

The car makes in our fleet have always been synonymous with safety and this is exactly what you will get when you ride with us. On top of that, our chauffeurs are also trained to put your safety as top priority, while getting you to your destination on time and making the ride as comfortable and memorable as possible.

Flexible Booking Options Available

If you need to travel to and from several destinations over an extended duration of time, you may opt for hourly charter where the chauffeur will be on standby. For business executives, this will be useful if you are hopping from one meeting to another for maximum work productivity. Or if you are on vacation and wish to get the most out of your sightseeing itinerary by saving time.

Our limousine services are also available for Airport Transfer. You may pre-book in advance if you have your dates on hand.

Please call our customer service hotline at +65 87499497 so we can secure your booking into the system.

If you have any enquiries, please fill in and submit the contact form on this website, and we will respond to you.

Travelling in style has never been easier than this!