Three Benefits Of Chartering A Maxi Cab in Singapore

Posted on: July 2nd, 2013 by Raymond Choo

Don’t Sweat The Summer Road Trip: Charter a Maxi Cab in Singapore

You probably had people tell you that traveling is the best teacher. People who have no wanderlust within them probably don’t have a pulse!
While it’s a joy to have children around and travel as a family, getting around with tiny tots in tow requires long patience and lots of creativity. As tiny as he is, your two-month-old baby will have a great demand for luggage space—stroller, carrier, a changing bag full of diapers, a bottle sterilizer and lots of clothes which are baby’s paraphernalia which you can’t do without.
So how can you travel smart with your family without sweating it? Chartering a Maxi Cab Singapore Transport Companies offer is a good idea. Here are three benefits why:

1. Renting a Maxi Cab Singapore transport companies offer is cheaper and more comfortable than taking the regular commute.

Two families, each with two young children, had a road trip for the summer. They initially thought taking the commute (train, bus, cab) was going to be cheaper than chartering a comfortable maxi cab. But when they tallied their expense, they realized too late that they spent twice the price of a chartered maxi cab and didn’t even get half the comfort.
It makes a lot of sense to charter a Maxi Cab when traveling in groups. There are 7-seater and 14-seater maxi cabs to choose from.

2. Maxi Cab in Singapore companies provide more safety for your family.

You don’t want to spoil your road trip with an accident, do you? Most transport service companies offer a young fleet of vehicles, thus assuring you of following high safety and security standards. Safety features include seat belts and air bags, and motion sensors to indicate and avert possible collision.
Aside from the safety of the vehicles, maxi cab Singapore companies employ the most experienced chauffeurs. Safety is their paramount concern aside from getting their passengers to places in the fastest and most efficient way.

3. Check for discounted tickets!

Finally, it’s the unexpected perk that sweetens the deal. Some Maxi Cab Singapore companies offer their vehicles bundled with a tour to the city’s places of interests, or even discounted tickets to main attractions. This means significant savings for you in terms of time (you don’t have to get lost trying to get from one place to another) and in terms of money. Tie ups with key attractions allow transport services companies to pass on tickets at cheaper rates than at the gate.

Now that you know it makes more sense to tour the city on a chartered and trusted maxi cab Singapore transport companies offer, you can give yourself and your family the summer escapade they so deserve—without getting ripped. Make your summer road trip a real treat for yourself and your family by making sure you get into a comfortable, reliable, and smooth ride that will surely take you to where you to your travel itinerary safely.

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