Singapore Airport Transfer

Posted on: March 25th, 2012 by Raymond

Singapore Airport Transfer: Be Acquainted

Types Of Singapore Airport Transfer: Public Transport


Shuttles are the choice if you are a group and obviously needs space. There are a lot of shuttles and minivans available from the Singapore airport terminals, and they have a fixed schedule when it comes to their pick up and drop off time. If you want to add a luxurious feel to your ride, you can also opt for the deluxe Maxicabs which offer a lot more space and privacy at a fee. This is best for business and corporate types.

Public Bus

If you are the budget conscious type, there are public bus drop off points scattered near the airport terminals. They are usually air conditioned, but also remember that you must be have exact fare which usually is S$2 per person.


For a fast and cheap way around the city, you can never go wrong with the MRT. Travel from the terminal to the city hall is usually around 35 minutes or so which would be a better deal than taking taxis since the fare would just be below S$2 and a refundable deposit of a single Singaporean dollar.

Singapore Airport Transfer: Private Transport


The taxi of course is the go to vehicle if you want to go somewhere on-time. Singapore airport terminals have a bunch of them waiting for you, there are taxi ranks which dictates the extent to where they are able to take you. There are flat rates being offered by taxi drivers but the passenger would still shoulder additional fees such as toll charges and airport surcharges.


For the ultimate luxury vehicular experience look no further, here come the ever regal and reliable limousines. These babies are present at the biggest events as seen on TV. If you have the scratch, you cannot go wrong with limousines. These usually come with chauffeur services.

Be prepared to pay for it though: Limousines will charge you even if you’re not in the actual vehicle!
When choosing the right airport transport service, it is best to consider your budget and travel needs. Make sure that you have exact fare or if you choose to go private, make sure that the reservation is duly done, to avoid mix-ups and problems.

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