Profiles Of The Most Three Vulnerable Commuters…And Why You Shouldn’t Be One

Posted on: October 23rd, 2013 by Raymond

Let’s face it, not everyone is meant to ride and rough the public transport. Although we proudly say that Singapore has among the most laudable public transport systems the world over, for the type of passenger who needs ease and comfort, exclusivity, space, and reliability, summoning help from a limousine Singapore company may prove to be the practical option.

If you fall into one of these profiles, then here’s what you need to do to make getting around in the Lion City bliss not bane:

The Mother Of Two Tots. If you’re arriving in Singapore with two handful kids or more, then do yourself a huge favour, book a maxi cab from your trusted limousine Singapore company even just to meet you at the Changi International Airport and take you to your next stop. It’s going to be tough to manage the public commute with very young children in your arms. Aside from being an issue of convenience, it is moreover an issue of safety. Taking the maxi cab, you will also get some help from the courteous chauffeur in looking after your luggage so that you can focus on the kids instead.

The Retirees Who While Away. It’s a good idea to pamper yourselves on a Merz S or E Class airport transfer. By now and given your age and stature, this elegant and comfortable ride can very well be a part of the list of life’s fine things which you very well deserve. Taking the public transport will also require walking from one stop to another, and walking around a lot may no longer agree with feeble knees. Book a limousine Singapore service to make going around and seeing places in the Lion City a joy ride.

The Young And Aspiring Business Leader. When you have a multi-million dollar presentation to make to a turnkey investor, you would want to turn up at the meeting flaunting your best foot forward, won’t you? Imagine if you broke sweat standing on a jam-packed MRT during the rush hour. Your neatly pressed suit and impeccably parted hair are meant to form part of your ensemble. Invest on arriving to the meeting in your top form.

If you’re travelling solo, then a Merz S or E class will offer you comfort and command. If you’re travelling with a group, then the 7-seater Merz Vito will be comfortable for 4-6.

Whatever the case, a limousine Singapore company like My Limousine Services can take care of you the way you need it most.

Book early and discuss your unique preferences with us. With excellent service bar none at the core of our commitment, we can help ease away your worries so you can instead focus on the most important people and things demanding your attention.

Flagging a random taxi cab may end up to be more expensive than a limousine Singapore chartered service especially if you have several trips to make. Remember, the taxi cab will already charge you as soon as you hop in.

Be a smart road warrior and plan your itinerary in advance. This way you will be able to decide wisely when you can pass up the commute and when the practical choice is for a chartered limo, without necessarily tearing a hole on your pocket.

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