Maxicab Singapore

Posted on: March 26th, 2012 by Raymond

Maxicab Singapore Description

Maxicab Singapore is a special type of cab that can accommodate from between four to seven adult passengers comfortably with their luggage. Seven is the maximum passenger capacity with luggage. Convenience and comfort is still fairly achieved. With five, convenience and comfort is at its peak. With four, one of the passengers is on a wheelchair and the wheelchair is also accommodated. Of course, clients may still choose to ride the maxicab comfortably with four adult passengers even if none of them is on a wheelchair! But the recommendations are for economic optimisations.

By the way, the maxicab is unique to Singapore. The vehicle is the most popular in the country’s chauffeuring industry. It dominates the market as the most popular mode of transportation preferred by clients. Some services are detailed in the following paragraphs. When you come to Singapore, do not miss this unique experience!

Maxicab Singapore Services

Point to point transfers transport the client(s) from (a) point(s) of origin(s) to (a) destination(s). Hourly disposal services are on-demand use of the vehicle with a personal chauffeur. In this service, a minimum of two hours is mandatory. Wheelchair transfers involve a passenger on a wheelchair. Airport transfers involve transporting clients to or from an airport/seaport. Wedding limousine service sees to it that the bride or groom is transported to the aisle on time. Family outing is for family excursions.

Other maxicab services include goods transfer when deliveries of goods need to be made; business meeting transfers; and, medical chaperon when patients need to be transported to health facilities like hospitals and clinics. This is different from an ambulance service because there is no immediate medical emergency.

Maxicab Singapore is the Number One in the Chauffeuring Industry

Maxicab Singapore is so popular. Do you ever wonder if anyone thought it could be used as a personal or family vehicle? Your guess is probably as good as mine. Policy and order regulations control it.

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