Maxi Cab Singapore

Posted on: June 18th, 2012 by Raymond

Maxi Cab Singapore: The Ideal Choice For Group Travellers

In Singapore, there is a type of cab that is useful for people who travel in groups. It is called maxi cab, or maxi taxi in other countries. Maxi cabs typically are all utility vehicles (AUV) or vans. Unlike the regular cab that can accommodate three passengers, a maxi cab can accommodate seven. So if you are travelling in the country with your group or family, it is recommended to make a maxi cab Singapore booking. This way, you can travel safely and comfortably.

When Is A Maxi Cab Singapore Booking Ideal?

Usually, maxi cabs in Singapore are booked during several occasions. The list includes business and leisure trips, graduations, proms and parties. Families who want to go sight-seeing in the city also choose maxi cabs. As long as the travellers come in a group, maxi cabs will always be useful.

Car rental companies provide maxi cabs to fetch your group from any location in the city. This eliminates the need to hire separate regular cabs. Your group will travel together and therefore letting you all reach your destination at once. And because there is no need to wait for others, you can make use of your time more efficiently.

What Are The Advantages Of Maxi Cab Singapore Booking?

Booking a maxi cab prior to your arrival in the country guarantees convenient transportation. Because car rental companies understand the importance of being on time, they make sure that your service car arrives in the airport before you do. Upon landing, your group will be met by a friendly chauffeur. Expect to have a relaxing ride to your destination. On top of that, you can rent the maxi cab according to the duration of your stay. This way, you can always travel in comfort while you are in the country.

The seven-seater maxi cab has a flexible lay out that you can adjust according to your travel needs. You can arrange the second and third facing each other so your group can chat while on the road. Maxi cabs offer adequate space for luggage, too, so you won’t have to worry getting cramped up inside the van. The advantages of making a maxi cab Singapore booking are indeed very simple: having comfortable and convenient means of transportation.

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