5 Good Reasons to blend with the locals while in Singapore

Posted on: October 16th, 2013 by Raymond Choo

What kind of a traveller are you? Are you the type who acts and dresses the part so that you are so tourist-y, or do you like blending with the locals? You will find that the latter has its own rewards especially when you’re travelling in Singapore.

Because Singapore is a melting pot of various cultures and ethnicity, you can say that global is local in the Lion City. For the wide-eyed wanderer you are, this is good news. It means there is much to explore even for a day!

What can you do and where can you go? Here are five ideas on how to blend with locals and why it can give you a great experience:

1) Take in the street scenes. Hop onto a limousine service Singapore transport companies like My Limo can offer and then tour the city from inside your vehicle, just spending an hour or two driving around. Get your camera ready for that surprise street scene that can be truly spectacular!One of our clients shared her experience passing by Little India at night time during a weekend. The streets were crowded with men who seemed to have come from everywhere to converge here. The car had to squeeze and inch its way to the hotel amidst the thick crowd! For our client, this wasn’t a nuisance at all. It was a spectacle to see everyone just coming out and getting together – never mind the road traffic!

2) Offer courteous bows. If you happen to meet and mingle with Chinese and Indonesians, bowing is a gesture of respect which most of them appreciate. If you are shopping and an “uncle” is manning the shop and you happen to show the gesture, this may lead him to entreat you as a guest and with it comes the possibility of getting good bargains. So take a bow!

3) Satisfy your pica with local treats! This won’t be hard to do as everywhere you set your sight in Singapore are restaurants and food stalls that offer food to awaken every taste bud! Charter a limousine service Singapore transport companies offer and have a happy banter with your courteous chauffeur. The next thing you know, he will be your food trip buddy and will take you to places where you can find good eats that won’t blow your budget!

4) Pick a local newspaper, spot a local event and attend it! It’s about doing something spontaneous while at the same time betting one finger that you’re in for a great time! Again, rely on your limousine service Singapore to take you there. Imagine, this is the kind of event the locals get excited about and you’re in it! Most of these events are corporate sponsored, too, so no payment at the gate needed!

5) Finally, take the off-beaten path. You can charter a limousine service Singapore to access the hideaways within the city and even on the outskirts. You can also arrange a bespoken itinerary even to neighbouring Malaysian cities so you can make the most out of your visit.

Just remember to do it local – share the same pulse, beat with the same heart. You will find more smiles shared back and more real memories created this way. Set aside your tourist-y attitude and open your heart to a pulsating life awaiting you in Singapore!

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