Are You Supposed To Tip The Driver When Riding An Airport Limousine In Singapore?

Posted on: November 5th, 2013 by Raymond

Even the most seasoned travellers trip on the tipping question. Tipping differs from one culture to another. In the US, tipping 20%-30% of the bill is the norm. Waiters will literally ‘wait’ by your table for the tip. You probably have seen Hollywood movies where the hotel concierge would linger and blow whistles by the door even after the guest says he doesn’t need anything, until the guest realises the concierge is waiting for a handsome tip.

Travelling and tipping in Singapore is a different experience. For instance, whether you’re riding a taxi or an airport limousine in Singapore, you will notice that tipping is not the norm in this country. Here are other situations when tipping isn’t necessary:

Changi Airport.  Changi Airport is voted the World’s Best Airport at the World Airport Awards held at Passenger Terminal Expo in Geneva this year. The award was conferred after surveying 12.1 million passengers. One passenger reported a zero-queue experience in Changi Airport where, he says, everything and everyone works efficiently.

These are good reasons for you to give a tip to the airport personnel, but please don’t. Airport personnel in Changi Airport are prohibited from accepting tips.

Hawkers. If there’s one thing to absolutely love in Singapore, it’s the plethora of delicious food accessible via the humble hawker centres. Try the unassuming yet fabulous melt-in-your-mouth egg tofu, or the famed nasi lemak or the comfort food par excellence: a bowl of noodles. Sure you want to compliment the cook for the sumptuous meal, but it’s really odd to leave a tip. Instead, you can express your gustatory approval with a smile or two thumbs up or by patting your satisfied belly. These gestures of appreciation will go a long way.

Restaurants. Most restaurants in Singapore will have the sign ++ attached to the prices on the menu. This means the extra to cover for service charge or tax. When you see this, then you really don’t need to leave a tip.

What if the ++ sign isn’t on the menu? Then that means tip is much welcomed. You will notice this in restaurants that mostly cater to foreigners who are used to tipping.

Taxi. Cab drivers in Singapore are among the most courteous in the world. Aside from not demanding a tip, they will even be ready with a change in case you fare is $9.80. Every cent counts and the cab drivers don’t want to assume you’d say he can keep the change.

Want to add extra delight to your experience? Then try riding an airport limousine in Singapore. This means riding luxury and comfort bar none. Likewise, tipping is not the norm. But if you are really pleased as we safely assume you would, then there’s no problem asking the driver of your chartered airport limousine in Singapore what their company’s standard is on tipping. Or you may also inquire about this before you book.

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To tip or not to tip? You will be more confident answering this question next time you travel. Happy trails!

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