Airport Transfers

Posted on: March 25th, 2012 by Raymond

What About Singapore Airport Transfers?

As the service name implies, airport transfers is a chauffeuring service that seeks to bring a flight passenger to or from the airport (one way only). If the passenger is to be fetched from the airport (entry version), the details needed are the flight number, arrival time of the flight, the place of the airport, and the destination address. Sometimes, when a time limit is imposed, fees are charged by the hour with a minimum of two hours.

If the passenger is to be transported to the airport (exit version of airport transfers), the details needed are the departure time, flight number, place of the airport, and the point of origin address. If the passenger wishes a combination, the fetching maxi cab may be different from the transporting one. Again, time limits may be imposed with a minimum of two hours.

Details Of Airport Transfers

It is important to mention that an airport transfer may also involve seaports or shipyards, where the passenger may be boarding or coming from a cruise ship or yacht or other sea faring vehicles. Again, the time of departure or arrival and the address of the seaport or shipyard are among the necessary details needed.

Often, travel policies dictate that passengers should be present by at least some amount of time earlier than the departure. Also, there is a designated amount of time they will be leaving the seaport after arrival. Of course, after arrival, some fixed processing time is allotted before passengers actually leave the airport or seaport (like baggage claiming and some basic passport or visa procedures).

Airport Transfers And Business Meetings

After arrival, clients are usually scheduled for business meetings in hotels or other corporate establishments. When arriving in groups, each individual may be scheduled at different destinations. The maxi cabs will take care of your individual safe arrival at your respective destinations so that you can focus on your tasks at hand.

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