Limousine Services

Limousine MPV

Experience the most luxurious and satisfying ride with a Limousine MPV. It is a step up compared to all other taxis in Singapore. With refined European styling and beautiful interiors, you are guaranteed a travel experience like never before with the Limousine MPV.

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Maxi Cab Service

Maxi Cab

The 7 seater Maxi Cab isn’t only spacious, it’s also one of the most luxurious limousine cabs in Singapore. It gives you a smooth and comfortable ride to your destination which is why it is the top choice for travelers who expect only the best!

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Mini Bus Service

Mini Bus

When you need lots of space, nothing beats the Mini Bus. Both for passengers and for luggage, you get all the space you will need with this. With large sliding access doors and high roof space, riding in the Mini Bus is not only convenient, but really comfortable as well.

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Are you ready to be conferred the status of …

Top rank?

High class?

Ultra posh?

Whether you’re in Singapore obeying your wanderlust or fuelling your entrepreneurial fire, don’t waste your precious time and energy going around by the regular commute or flagging down a cab which may charge you expensively.

We believe you deserve to be pampered. We believe your presence is important. We believe you have a good reason to get there in top form.

We believe you deserve a limousine.

Dodge The Pains Of Commuting!

Let’s face it: going around in the Lion City can be a test of endurance. First you have to endure the humidity and then secondly, the never-ending walks transferring from one MRT or bus stop to another!

What if you were lugging 10 shopping bags? What if you’re dressed to impress a date or a turn-key investor?

Surely, you won’t like to have sore ankles, a crumpled tux, or a waterfall of sweat just when you need to be at your best!

Definitely, you don’t want all the commuting to curtail your enjoyment of supposedly a care-free and ache-free vacation!

Sit On The Lap Of Luxury With A Limousine Service

My Limousine Services provides the grandest and most comfortable limousines to get you to where you need to be at your best!

Our fast, reliable and courteous chauffeur will provide you with professional Limousine Services that is ideal for:

  • Corporate meetings you can’t afford to miss
  • Flights and other travel itinerary you simply must follow
  • Life events, like that romantic date, that calls for creating lasting impressions

Meet No Delays With Our Consistently Reliable Airport Transfer Service

Whether travelling solo or with a companion, let our “Merz E and S Classmeet and greet you at the airport and take you to your hotel.

Stepping out of the Merz spells a big difference. Notice the extra enthusiasm from the hotel driveway attendant or the concierge as soon as they see you emanating from a luxurious Merz.

Travelling with a group? Create the same impact. The limousine MPV will sufficiently fill the role.

Whatever vehicle you choose, the most important thing with Airport Transfer is getting you there right on the dot. Missing your flight can light the fuse to a series of unfortunate events. You simply have to be brought to the airport on time and picked up from the airport on time as well.

My Limousine Services has a proven track record of zero missed appointments and zero missed flights. Efficiency and precision are deeply part of our culture.

Travel In Groups Comfortably On A Maxi Cab

Whether the entire family is coming or you brought the whole football team along, travelling as a group can be very stressful and uncomfortable if you’re literally shoulder-squeezed against each other.

Solve this spoiler right now! Book a Maxi Cab.

Spacious, luxurious, and sturdy, a Maxi Cab can be ultra comfortable for 4 and just comfortable for 6 person.

Choose From Our Young Fleet

My Limousine Services believes…

  • Your time is important.
  • Your safety is paramount.
  • Your comfort can’t be compromised.
  • Your taste, ultra sophisticated.

Our young fleet of the best limousine models meets your highly discriminating taste.

Limousine MPV

A spacious alternative to other taxis in Singapore, the limousine MPV also offers beautiful European interior.

The Alphard

Sturdy outside, luxurious on the inside, Toyota Alphard epitomizes elegance and practicality. The Alphard is poised as Toyota’s premiere MPV.

Ultra comfortable for 4 people and just comfortable for 6, you can charter an Alphard and ride luxuriously and proudly.

The 7 Seater Merz Vito

If it’s a spacious car you want, speak the word and you shall have it. The 7 seater maxi cab is one of the most spacious and luxurious limousine cabs in Singapore. Consistently a top choice among travellers, the maxi cab offers space to stretch those weary legs and to stack up those shopping bags!

The one remarkable thing about the Merz Vito is that it offers flexibility for seat layouts, assuring passengers ultimate comfort. It also offers ample space for up to seven adult passengers with seven luggage and personal effects.

Mini Bus

Wide sliding doors and high roofs make the mini bus exude similar feelings of being under the august towers of an eminent building. Travel safe and breathe free even if there’s lots of company.

Try Our Courteous Chauffeurs

They are experts of Singapore inroads and knowledgeable of road regulations so you won’t get stuck in a traffic jam when you’re already late (like that song goes). Our chauffeurs know the roads like they were etched on their palms. This ensures you will get to your itinerary on time, all the time even at the least lead time.

Try Our Competitive Rates

Our rates are competitive. Therefore, our distinction is on the quality of our service.

Friendly and professional, we render our personalised service to the utmost delight of every customer. Book in advance and let us know how you want to be cared for and what special amenities you’d like us to include. Speak it, and it shall be done.

Make My Limousine Services Your Service Provider Of Choice

  • If you can’t be late, call us.
  • If you want to put your feet up, ride with us.
  • If you want to impress, beckon us.

We’ll guarantee to answer whenever you call us. Although we cater to rush bookings, we encourage you to book in advance so we can surely render you our utmost personalised care and attention.

While in Singapore, go places in the pinnacle of luxury, comfort and style.

Book now and enjoy the size, the power, and the stature of a limousine service today!